Unique dinning experience


Fresh ingredients, superior broth and assorted condiments are essential components when it comes to enjoying the Asian hot pot tradition. Hot Pot One, which opened in January of 2009, prides itself on providing such a winning experience for diners.


Customers can choose from an assortment of fresh ingredients, such as thinly sliced meat, fresh/live seafood and leafy vegetables, etc., to be cooked inside a pot of superior broth on a high-tech electric panel. Customers also can tailor-make their own dipping sauce by mixing and matching a selection of over 8 kinds of condiments.


An array of carefully selected premium/deluxe Chinese tea serving with traditional tea pot in the old fashion way will no doubt cater to their individual taste. And spacious seating arrangements, floored windows and attentive services guarantee an enjoyable stay.


In the mornings and during the lunch hour, dim sum dishes are available. Congee DIY is one of the most popular choices. Customers can pick and choose ingredients of their wish to the congee base to create their own unique favorite congee.